Leddy Czerka

NPC Junior pilot


Leddy is an former space pilot trainer, shuttle pilot and addict. While working for a private transport company but on vacation in Tahiti, in which he lost his left leg, he became a drug addict and ended up in jail for several years.
During the Mars conflict he volunteered for service but was denied, until Earth later accepted him into a civilian program where he did classroom teaching.
After the war he got another job working out on the belt as a back-up pilot for a mining facility, then volunteered as a test subject for a new prototype system being developed by a company owned by Dr. Katherine Moore. His dogged resilience in the face of the testing, and exceptional tolerance to zero g kept him on as a back up pilot when the Bel Sognatore finally launched,

Leddy is a stocky, bearded man with a slight limp due to his artificial leg being an older style from pre-war. He also refuses to carry a gun, but carries a 14" heavy duty crowbar.
He is often referred to by his nickname ‘Zerk’.


Leddy Czerka

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