Jun Bo Nguyen

Transportation Engineer "Or the best pilot in the galaxy if you don't count that stuck up jerk C.C. Wales from Mars"


Agilty d8.
Smarts d8.
Strength d4.
Spirit d6
Vigor d6

Driving d6, Fighting d4, Investigation d6, Knowledge (geology) d4, Lockpicking d6, Notice d4, Pilot d10, Repair d4, Streetwise d4, Survival d8.

Edges: Ace, Dodge, Luck/Great Luck
Hindrances: Major Delusion- alien conspiracies
Phobia/minor- invasive medical procedures and injections
Quirk/minor- won’t eat anything red

Pace 6
Parry 3
Toughness 5

Age 30, female, 5’ 5", 102lbs. Black hair, brown eyes, tattoo of old style Chinese Air Force insignia on the inside of her right forearm, and the Vietnamese word for ‘freefall’ on her left wrist. She wears a necklace of old jade prayer beads and a pendant of a piece of volcanic glass in the shape of a little bear.
Her clothing is worn, but clean; faux leather high top sneakers, faded blue canvas flight pants, faded blue silk tank top, and a black surplus military flight parka with split zipper hood.
She always has a pair of leather ‘driving’ gloves tucked in a pocket, a survival knife on her hip or in her coat, and a little blue flashlight with an old NATO logo on it. On occasion she also wears a brown felt tubeteika hat with blue and green embroidery.

Survival knife
Flashlight (blue)
Analog watch
Digital watch
Personal data device
Water purification filter
Mineral detector
Small digital camera/spare memory chip
Adhesive patches
Waterproof notebook/pencil
Personal torch (lighter)
Small locking travel case
Used rugged waterproof couriers backpack
spare clothes, old calf high hiking boots, orange hooded heavy rain slicker, sungoggles
1943 paperback reference book on military aircraft (in Chinese)
1996 laminated Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals
Deck of cards (circa 2023 retro Japanese ‘Miyazaki’ edition ’)


Jun is a former college student who lost her parents at a young age to mysterious circumstances on a suborbital flight. She quit college to try and join various space programs for colonization or exploration. After being repeatedly rejected (because she is a college drop out and crackpot) she became convinced that there is an alien conspiracy behind many of the missing or lost colonies, her parents knew something and that is why she isn’t ever accepted.
She has however managed to get various jobs in a variety of places because her piloting skills are so instinctively good. Her politics and quirks keep her out of the corporate or military sectors, but she’s flown everything from seaplanes to fast cargo shuttles. She’s also known for a few hairy rescue flights in orbit around Mars and one infamous joy ride in the vintage VSS Unity.

Jun Bo Nguyen

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